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Victoria University of Wellington is one of four international partners for a global World-RED collaborating on the History of Reading with the UK Open University’s International Digital Networks Initiative. We are joined by Griffith University, Brisbane Australia, the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, and Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada.

Black and white photograph showing interior damage to New Zealand YMCA hut hit by shellfire, 1917

Interior damage to New Zealand YMCA hut hit by shellfire, 1917. Reference Number: 1/2-012766-G. Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

While the NZ-RED encompasses all reading experiences by and about New Zealanders at home and abroad, our research focuses initially on Reading in Conflict. Our first project, Reading in WWI, aims to collect and analyse reading experiences by and about New Zealanders, at the front, in the trenches, on the troopships, and at home. We are supported by our NZ-RED Research Team and VUW’s Reading Research Cluster. On 2-3 December 2010, we held our inaugural workshop, bringing together both eResearch in the Humanities specialists and WWI scholars and students.

The Reading Experience Database [RED] was launched in 1996 at the UK Open University. Its mission is to accumulate as much data as possible about the reading experiences of British subjects from 1450 to 1945. Follow this link for further information about the UK-RED and news about its most recent projects, including the new global initiative World-RED.

For NZ-RED updates visit the NZ-RED blog