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Wai-te-ata Press is a space to explore books and print in all their myriad forms.

In the new knowledge economy, "book" might be a four-letter word, but it's also an endlessly fascinating and seductive material object to make and study. Books provide a fascinating window onto the transmission of human knowledge and the complex web of social, cultural, economic and political relationships which produce, consume and preserve them. Join us...


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23 September 2013 Visualising Correspondence Networks
On 2-3 September 2013, Wai-te-ata Press hosted the two-day digital history hackfest “Visualising Correspondence Networks” at Victoria University of Wellington. Read more
1 June 2013 Crowdsourcing workshop
On 23 April 2013, Wai-te-ata Press hosted the latest in a series of digital history workshops. This time the spotlight was on crowdsourcing in the digital humanities and cultural heritage sector – the first event of its kind in New Zealand. Read more

Welcome from the Printer

The book is dead; long live the book! Whether manuscript, print, or digital, the book permeates our everyday life. Read more»


PhD candidate Donelle McKinley is currently working on a study that aims to identify the aspects of user interface design most likely to impact on non-profit crowdsourcing project objectives, and represent the findings as a set of specialized heuristics to support user interface design and evaluation practice. The study will focus on non-profit crowdsourcing projects involving cultural heritage collections. More...

The Colenso Project

Victoria University of Wellington partners with Hawke's Bay Museum Theatre Gallery and The Colenso Society Inc. More...


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7.34 Poetry by Paul Thomson