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Reports from Learning and Teaching Projects

DocumentFile sizeFile type
"Clickers Manual" Dr David Mason54 KBPDF
"Understanding the ACCY111 experience" Dr Philip Colquhoun, Prof Kevin Holmes, Prof Kevin Simpkins50 KBPDF
"Promoting Student Participation and Collaborative Learning in a Large INFO101" A S C Hooper, Simon Jigwan Park, Gemma Gerondis229 KBPDF
Progress Report II - "Online Course Book – an innovative approach for delivering the course of SME internationalisation and export management" Hongzhi Gao, Val Lindsay260 KBPDF
MARK201 Group Wiki Evaluation Dr Aaron Gazley744 KBPDF
MARK201 Group Wiki Documentation Dr Aaron Gazley1.84 MBPDF
"The role of tutors in undergraduate learning" Dr David Mason15 KBPDF
"Supporting academically at risk students: A proactive approach" Eric Chong230 KBPDF
"Proof of concept: using search technologies to enhance teaching public policy issues facing small developing states" AProf Graham Hassall1.95 MBPDF
"A Roadmap to Virtual Fieldtrips" Dr Christian Schott With Prof Warwick Murray, David McLean, Maciu Raivoka3.162 KBPDF
"Internationalisation at Home" Dr Karen Commons, Vicky Mabin, Xiaodan Gao, et al867 KBPDF