Undergraduate study at the Victoria Business School

Victoria Business School offers two undergraduate programmes; a Bachelor of Commerce, and a Bachelor of Tourism Management.

Information about undergraduate study

A message from the Associate Dean 

Welcome to Victoria Business School. Degree regulations and course procedures can seem complex at first, but it is important that you take responsibility for your own programme of study.

Start by familiarising yourself with the information that we have made available. This material contains links to general information about the BCom and BTM degrees as well as the Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Commerce and the Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting. Links to degree audit checklists are also included to allow you to see whether your proposed programme meets the requirements; other checklists will be made available at our Student Counters.

If there is something that you are not sure about, make an appointment with your Student Adviser. I hope that you enjoy your time as a commerce student at the Victoria Business School.

- Dr John Randal

Undergraduate qualifications

Bachelors degrees:


Certificate in Management Studies

There is also a Graduate Certificate in Commerce (GCertCom) option for students who wish to undertake a limited amount of study in an area of commerce at an advanced undergraduate level, either because it is relevant to their employment or interests or because they are considering subsequent application for an Honours programme.

Schools in the faculty


Print Your Catalogue

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Degree Audit Forms

These are intended as a guide, not as official confirmation that your programme is complete.

General information and assistance

For further information and assistance please see our staff pages for the relevant contacts, or alternatively come into our Enquiries counters at either 121 Easterfield (Kelburn) or on the ground floor of the Rutherford House (Pipitea), where our Customer Service Administrators are happy to assist you.

The Faculty of Commerce frequently asked questions might also help with a quick query.