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This subject is taught by the School of Economics and Finance.


For economics and finance to be useful for policies, testing theories or making forecasts, it needs to use quantitative work based upon economic and finance reasoning. Econometrics provides the necessary base for quantitative work—it is all about using powerful techniques to test economic and/or finance ideas.

Econometrics is concerned with the theory and application of statistical methodology in economics. It strives to test economic/finance theory by examining empirical evidence. Studying econometrics bridges the gap between being 'a student and being a practitioner' because quantitative analytical skills are highly valued in the workplace. Inclusion of courses in econometrics within a business, commerce or economics and finance degree will significantly improve a student's job prospects.

Although there is no dedicated econometrics major, you can add econometrics courses to your Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree study.

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Undergraduate options

Econometrics study begins in your first year, covering statistical techniques used in research and business, and mathematics in the courses QUAN 102 and QUAN 111.

Second year courses cover regression models, business and economic forecasting and quantitative methods in QUAN 201, QUAN 202 and QUAN 203.

Third year courses are labelled as ECON 301, ECON 303 and FINA 306.

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Postgraduate options

There is no dedicated Econometrics Honours programme, it is possible to add Econometrics courses to a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) or Bachelor of Arts (Hons) programme.

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Econometrics courses are taught within the School of Economics and Finance.

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Course information

Course learning objectives

Each course has specific learning objectives that we expect students to have attained by the time that they have successfully completed the course. 

Download the course learning objectives below:

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PDF icon Econometrics—course learning objectives 24 KB PDF

List of courses

Please note: the list below shows undergraduate-level courses only. For a complete course listing, see the list of all Econometrics courses.