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This subject is taught by the School of Management.


You know that the most important part of any business is the people who make that business work. Victoria's major in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations recognises this the same way the modern business world does. It's an education in people and how they work together.

Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations is about managing employment relations, and deals with every aspect of those relations, from employee recruitment and selection to international employment relations, salaries and wages. It's a major that makes you valuable—the skills you learn apply to any business anywhere in the world.

You can major in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations for a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) or take some courses within a Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM), or any other degree. Either way, you are gaining an understanding of and ability to work with and manage groups of people—traits highly valued by modern employers.

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Undergraduate information

The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree requires:

  • A total of 360 points to complete the degree (3 years full-time study).
  • The completion of seven core 100-level courses.
  • The completion of at least one major.

Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations major

The Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations major requires:

  • (a) HRIR 201, MGMT 202
  • (b) HRIR 320; three further courses from HRIR 300-399
  • (c) One further course from COML 302, ECON 333, HRIR 300-399, MGMT 300-399.

Transitional arrangements

If you started your HRIR major in 2011 (or earlier), you have the option to complete your major under the 2011 requirements. Contact the Commerce Faculty Student Administration Office to discuss your study options.

Majors in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

If you are taking Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations as a major for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) you must also include the BCom core courses.

Plan your courses

To assist with course planning, download the major course progression and skill development charts below:

Document File size File type
HRIR Major Course Progression Chart 125 KB PDF
HRIR Progressive Skills Development Chart 210 KB PDF

Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations major attributes

These are the attributes that we expect our HRIR majors to have by the time they graduate. They will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of, and the implications of, different perspectives of the employment relationship.
  • Critically analyse and solve workplace issues.
  • Apply HRM and IR competencies to contribute to organisational capability and employee wellbeing.
  • Identify issues and interactions between local and global employment relations and work environments.

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Postgraduate information

Graduate Certificate and Diplomas 

Postgraduate Qualifications 

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How to find out more

You can order more information on this subject using our Request for Study Material form.

Victoria's Student Recruitment, Admission and Orientation Office offers advice on courses and help with planning your degree.

Contact the Commerce Faculty Student Administration Office for information on Admission, qualifications and courses, course advice and selection criteria, exemptions and prerequisites and your Application to Study.

Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations courses are taught within the School of Management. School Office: Level 10, Rutherford House, 23 Lambton Quay, Wellington.

Programme Administrator
Phone: 04 463 5358

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Vic Careers also provides employers with advice on recruitment strategies, advice on how to maintain a profile on campus and assistance with targeting suitably qualified and motivated students and graduates.

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You can check out the Vic Careers website pages for further information.

The Career View publication on Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations is available below for download.

All PDF documents require Acrobat Reader.

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Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations 100 KB PDF

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Course information

Course learning objectives

Each course has specific learning objectives that we expect students to have attained by the time that they have successfully completed the course.

Download the course learning objectives below:

Document File size File type
Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations—course learning objectives 20 KB PDF

List of courses

Please note: the list below shows undergraduate-level courses only. For a complete course listing, see the list of all Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations courses.