VBS student success and achievements

Victoria Business School celebrates our students' successes and academic achievements resulting from their hard work and commitment.

Highlighting student achievements

Victoria Business School acknowledges our students' hard work and commitment to their education with an annual Dean's List for undergraduate academic achievement.

Our 'best & brightest' are also celebrated with the annual Victoria Business School Excellence Awards, and student successes are regularly featured in our News section.

Victoria Business School Dean's List

The Victoria Business School Dean's List celebrates excellence in academic achievement for those students enrolled in an undergraduate degree programme at Victoria University of Wellington.

Dean's Award for Doctoral Achievement

The Dean's Award for Doctoral Achievement was instituted at Victoria Business School to recognise excellence in the quality of research and writing in the very best of our doctoral theses each year.

Scholarships and prizes available to students

There are a number of scholarships and prizes for students in Victoria Business School programmes; enquiries and applications should be directed to the relevant Programmes Director.

Further information is available from the Victoria University of Wellington Scholarships website, including a list of upcoming closing dates for the next 12 months.