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Dean's List

The Dean's List celebrates excellence in academic achievement for those students enrolled in an undergraduate degree programme at Victoria University of Wellington.

A Dean's List is prepared by each faculty and will normally include only students registered in qualifications offered by that faculty.

To qualify, students must

  • be enrolled for at least 100 undergraduate points taken over a period that begins in Trimester Three of the previous year and ends at the conclusion of Trimester Two of the current year
  • achieve a grade point average of 7.5 or higher
  • not fail any of their courses during the period of study

You can find more information about the Dean's List from the Victoria University Student & Academic Policies page.

Recipients of the Dean’s Award for Doctoral Achievement in the Faculty of Commerce

This award was instituted in the Faculty in order to recognise excellence in the quality of research and writing in the very best of our doctoral theses each year. The awards are made on the recommendations of the VBS Post-Graduate Degrees Committee, based on nominations from the School Research Degrees Committees, and thesis examiners’ reports.

Abstracts for the award-winning theses are available from the VBS Research News page »

Award winners for 2012:

  • Saurabh Jain (PhD in Commercial Law): Effectiveness of the Beneficial Ownership Test in Conduit Company Cases
  • Danaa Vandangombo (PhD in Accounting): Account(ing)/(Ability): Democratising the Environmental Impact Assessment in Mongolian Mining
  • Nor Balkish Zakaria (PhD in Accounting): Corporate Governance and the Relationship Between Default Risk and the Earning Response Coefficient
  • Alison O’Connell (PhD in Public Policy): Underestimating Lifespans? Why Longevity Risk Exists in Retirement Planning and Superannuation Policy
  • Diane Strode (PhD in Information Systems): A Theory of Coordination in Agile Software Development Projects

Award winners for 2011:

  • Wan Adibah Binti Wan Ismail: Earnings Quality, Family Influence and Corporate Governance: Empirical Evidence from Malaysia
  • Khairul Anuar Bin Kamarudin: Assessment of Earnings Conservatism in Malaysian Financial Reporting
  • Rebecca Suzanne Bednarek: Strategizing for Legitimacy in Pluralistic Contexts: New Zealand's Science Sector
  • Binh Thanh Bui: Strategy-Driven Implications for the Management Control Systems of Electricity Generators Due to Government Climate Change Policies
  • Hartmut Hoehle: Consumer Intentions to Use Electronic Banking Channels: The Role of Task Channel Fit

Scholarships and Prizes Available to Students

There are a number of scholarships and prizes for students in Victoria Business School programmes; enquiries and applications should be directed to the relevant Programmes Director.

Further information is available from the Victoria University of Wellington Scholarships website, including a PDF download of the current Postgraduate Scholarships information, updated monthly.