Graduate Certificate in Commerce

The Graduate Certificate in Commerce (GCertCom) is a one trimester programme (if full-time), open to graduates in any field and nested within the Graduate Diploma in Commerce. It requires at least 60 points (four 15-point courses or three 20-point courses) from commerce courses at 200-level or above, with at least 40 of those points (three courses) at 300-level.

The Certificate can be obtained without a specialisation as long as the courses involved are approved by the Associate Dean (Students) as a coherent programme. Alternatively, a specialisation may be obtained by choosing all courses from one of these subject areas:

The GCertCom is a convenient qualification for students who wish to undertake a limited amount of study in an area of commerce at an advanced undergraduate level, either because it is relevant to their employment or interests or because they are considering subsequent application for an Honours programme.

Note: Admission to the BCom(Hons) or BTM(Hons) programmes typically requires more than 60 points of advanced study in the relevant subject area, but less than the 120 points needed for a Graduate Diploma.

For more information, contact the Faculty's Student and Academic Services Office.