Victoria Business School

Research Partnerships at VBS

Many research projects at Victoria Business School involve direct collaboration with external partners.

  • One example of our research links with practitioners is the Volunteer Management Research Programme being undertaken by the School of Accounting and Commercial Law and the School of Management. This research collabopration aims to improve our knowledge of New Zealand’s volunteers -- how they are supported and encouraged, how they are managed and how they are valued. A project has been funded by the Tindall Foundation, another by the Department of Internal Affairs, and two other projects are being funded by the University.

  • The School of Economics and Finance hosts the Reserve Bank of New Zealand's Professorial Fellowship in Monetary Economics. Funded through the Victoria University Foundation, this programme aims to enhance the development of monetary policy in New Zealand by inviting specialists of high international repute to visit New Zealand to present research and to stimulate and promote thinking on monetary policy issues.

  • Wellington-based, but part of a global organisation, GS1 is a not-for-profit organisation which develops and markets global standards for the identification of goods and services. The GS1 scholarship supports School of Information PhD student, Marta Vos, who is researching the potential for using RFID and Electronic Product Codes (EPCs) more widely. GS1 CEO, Peter Stevens says, "It's all about relationships and this has become a brilliant platform for strengthening those relationships between town and gown", and you can hear more about what he has to say about the partnership in the clip below.