Research centres at Victoria Business School

There are several specialised research units in the individual schools of Victoria Business School.

Centre for Accounting, Governance and Taxation Research

The Centre for Accounting, Governance and Taxation Research (CAGTR) was established in 2001. It brings VBS researchers together with members of the accounting and legal professions, and representatives of commerce, industry and the public sector, in ongoing discussion and exploration of issues, ideas and analysis of relevant work.

CATGR runs a Business Links seminar series for the business and public sector communities, organises many conferences, and has a Working Paper series which publishes research that can be downloaded from the Centre’s website.

Centre for Employment, Labour and Work

The Centre for Labour, Employment and Work (CLEW) is the leading research organisation in New Zealand on collective bargaining and union membership and provides a forum for research into industrial relations, human resource management, labour markets and workplace issues.

CLEW brings together of academics from a range of disciplines, with research interests in work and employment, and with particular strengths in quantitative research. Its Collective Employment Agreements database contains the most comprehensive set of data on collective employment conditions in New Zealand.

CLEW disseminates the findings of its research through seminars and conferences, as well as key publications such as The Annual Employment Agreement; Employment Agreements: Bargaining Trends & Employment Law Update and research working papers.