Scholarship detail

Rachael Westergaard Memorial Masters Scholarship in Geophysics


$15,000 stipend plus domestic tuition fees (total value is subject to funds available).

Tenure of award:

* The Scholarship is tenable for a period of one year.
* Canadian recipients will be required to pay the difference between the domestic and international student fee.

Closing dates for applications:

01 November 2017
01 November 2018
1st of November each year

Number of awards offered:

One scholarship is available annually.

History or background of award

This scholarship has been established in memory of Rachael Westergaard, a student at Victoria from 2009 to 2012. The Scholarship is to encourage students into the field of Geophysics, an area which Rachael was very passionate about. To recognise Rachael's dual citizenship, it is open to New Zealand citizens or permanent residents, or Canadian citizens.

Purpose of award

The Scholarship is to encourage students into the field of Geophysics, an area which Rachael was very passionate about.

Selection criteria

One principal scholarship may be awarded annually. This scholarship is available to those students intending to do research leading to a Master's degree in the subject of Geophysics - either Solid Earth Geophysics or Meteorology.

How do students apply?

Applications for these scholarships must be made on the forms obtainable from the link provided or from the Scholarships Office. Should you wish to apply for this scholarship as well as the Victoria Master's by Thesis scholarship you must apply for each separately.

Referees statements: A template form for referees is available from this link -please make this available to your referees.
Reference statementsshould be submitted directly to the Scholarships Office by the referees. This may be by email only if they are sent from a verifiable institutionalemail address. It is important that you submit ONLY the documentation requested on the application form available from the link above, additional information will not be circulated to selection panels.

Application forms and supporting documents should be sent to:
Scholarships Office
Research Office
10 Kelburn Parade
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
Wellington, New Zealand.

Scholarship applicants must contact directly the School in which they wish to enrol so that their research proposal and the feasibility of supervision can be assessed. Enrolling as a Masters student and applying for a Masters Scholarship are two separate processes. The holding of Masters Scholarship is conditional upon the scholarship recipient gaining enrolment as a Masters student.
Applicants, other than those who have completed all of their study at Victoria, must include a certified copy of their academic record from other institutions with this application.
Application Form

Additional information

Recipients of this scholarship will be governed by the regulations of the Victoria Master’s by thesis Scholarship
Scholarship recipients will be expected to sign the Victoria Postgraduate Scholarship Contract.
Once the period of tenure of a scholarship has commenced, the University Scholarships Committee may, at its sole discretion, grant a
scholarship recipient a deferment of their scholarship for a period of up-to six months. In most cases such a deferment will coincide with a
formal suspension from their enrolment in the Master’s degree.
A scholarship shall be terminated and the corresponding proportion of the scholarship emolument forfeited, if a scholarship recipient ceases to
resume the aforesaid programme of research or advanced study within one month of the last day of the period of deferment.
Scholarship recipients shall be required to devote themselves full-time to their programme of research during the tenure of the scholarship and
may not hold a position of emolument without the approval of the University Scholarships Committee. Approval may be given for scholarship
recipients to undertake paid employment (usually tutoring) for up to a maximum of 600 hours in one calendar year.
Each scholarship recipient and his/her principal supervisor shall provide copies of their progress reports to the Scholarships Office. Where
progress is not satisfactory, the matter will be referred to the University Scholarships Committee.
The University Scholarships Committee may at any time suspend or terminate a scholarship, or require the forfeiture of such proportion of the
scholarship emolument as it may determine, if the scholarship recipient is not diligently pursuing their programme of research, has violated the
University Statute on Conduct, or has failed to comply with any of the terms and conditions on which the scholarship was awarded.

Decision makers

Scholarships shall be awarded solely on the basis of academic merit by the selection panel comprising the Head of School of Geography, Enviroment and Earth Sciences and suitable Geophysics staff.

How and when do students learn of the decision?

Decisions will normally be made in December and applicants can be expected to be informed of the outcome no later than the end of January. You will be notified by email only. Please provide a clearly written email address.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

Recipients will be required to write a letter of acknowledgement to the donors on acceptance of the scholarship and another when the scholarship is coming to an end (or soon after) to briefly advise the donors of their research outcomes. Recipients should also acknowledge the donors of this scholarship in their thesis and if requested provide a copy of their thesis to the donors.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

Position: The Scholarships Office
Organisation: Victoria University of Wellington
Address: PO Box 600 Wellington 6140 New Zealand
Phone: +64 4 463 5557