Strategic Studies

Please note: Information on this page relates to the 2015 academic year unless otherwise stated.

This subject is taught by the School of History, Philosphy, Political Science and International Relations.


Our postgraduate qualifications in Strategic Studies allow students to understand today’s leading strategic issues in their global, regional and New Zealand contexts. The Master of Strategic Studies and Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Studies are designed for domestic and international students who are seeking policy, analytical and research careers in many fields.

Postgraduate information

The School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations (HPPI) offers the following 500-level qualifications in Strategic Studies:

How to find out more

The teaching of Strategic Studies courses is led by the Centre for Strategic Studies which is located within the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations.

For further information on Strategic Studies options, please contact:

Dr Manjeet Pardesi
Centre for Strategic Studies
Phone: 04-463 5394

Course information

Students are also encouraged to consider International Relations (INTP) Honours courses and contact the MSS Coordinator if they wish to enrol in any of these courses.


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