Physical Geography

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This subject is taught by the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences.


Physical Geography is the study of natural features, resources and environmental processes at the surface of the Earth. It aims to explain the pattern of landforms, soils, vegetation, hydrology, coastal features and climate by understanding the processes operating at the surface of the Earth.

The interactions between humans and the natural environment are studied using a systematic approach. You will gain the tools to apply knowledge of natural hazards, Earth surface processes and sustainable resource and land use across a wide range of situations.

Undergraduate information

BSc major requirements Physical Geography

  1. ESCI/GEOG 111,  ENVI/GEOG 114, one of (ESCI 112, GEOG 112); 15 100-level points from MATH, PHYS, STAT not previously taken to meet the BSc numeracy requirement 
  2. GEOG 222; two of (GEOG 215, 220, 224)
  3. GEOG 324, 325; two of (GEOG 318, 319, 321)

Postgraduate information

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Physical Geography courses are taught within the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, Cotton Building, blocks A and B.

A/Prof James Renwick
Coordinator of the Undergraduate Major in Physical Geography
Phone: +64 4 463 4719

School Office
Phone: +64 4 463 5337

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