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Managing is a human activity that involves both people skills and analytical skills. The study of management provides insights into the operation of organisations, including how:

  • people behave
  • decisions are made
  • strategies are chosen to what provides a source of sustainable advantage
  • innovations are generated
  • we achieve an effective alignment of the organisation with its environment.

It introduces a multicultural perspective and addresses managing in large and small enterprises and also commercial, industrial, not-for-profit, government-owned and operated organisations.

As you progress in your studies, debate is encouraged, and contemporary theories and concepts are scrutinised within a solid academic framework.

Our graduates can be found throughout the highest levels in business and government within New Zealand and internationally. The problem-solving and analytic skills you'll acquire throughout your study will prepare you for an exciting and successful career—wherever you choose.

Undergraduate information

The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) requires:

  • A total of 360 points to complete the degree (3 years full-time study).
  • The completion of seven core 100-level courses.
  • The completion of at least one major.

Management major

The current Management major consists of the following courses:

  • (a) MGMT 202, 205, 206
  • (b) MGMT 320, three further courses from MGMT 300-399.

Management major attributes

These are the attributes that we expect our MGMT majors to have by the time they graduate. They will be able to:

  • Holistically analyse complex and ambiguous organisational situations.
  • Display creative and critical thinking when analysing managerial problems and proposing solutions.
  • Demonstrate communication skills, involving an ability to communicate clearly in written and oral form, using a range of communication vehicles and media, appropriate to a managerial or business context.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of local, national, and international business contexts.
  • Recognise, support and display leadership in a group setting.
  • Recognise and address ethical dilemmas, conflicts, and managerial responsibilities.
  • Apply a range of strategy frameworks and perspectives.
  • Display an understanding of behaviour in organisations in social context.
  • Demonstrate systems thinking in decision making and operations management.

Postgraduate information

Postgraduate qualifications in Management

Professional qualifications in Management

How to find out more

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Management courses are taught within the School of Management, Level 10, Rutherford House, 23 Lambton Quay, Wellington.

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Course information

Course learning objectives 

Each course has specific learning objectives that we expect students to have attained by the time that they have successfully completed the course.

Download the course learning objectives below:

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Management—course learning objectives 110 KB PDF

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