Engineering outreach programme.

Outreach—engaging with schools

Hear about our school outreach programme in engineering and computer science, it aims to help teachers and students with resources and information.

The School of Engineering and Computer Science believes that each generation of aspiring school students should be encouraged to help New Zealand, and the world, to face the tough social and environmental challenges of the future.

If you are interested as a teacher, student or parent to be involved, contact John.

Professional development for teachers

In addition to helping students, we also assist teachers in professional development, by running workshops on digital technologies subjects. These workshops are run regularly through small group sessions targeting specific achievement standards.

Our professional development programme culminates in the hosting of an annual three-day workshop, Computer Science for High Schools, at Victoria University’s Kelburn campus in December.

It is our current plan to develop a series of units and lessons, linked to NCEA achievement standards, to distribute freely to teachers. To support this we also offer professional development sessions for teachers and a point of contact for support.

School outreach programme

We have developed an active school outreach programme in Engineering and Computer Science, which aims to help students and teachers with resources and information. These have been targeted at Year 11 to Year 13 Mathematics, Physics and Digital Technologies subjects, which include programming skills.

Coding workshops and technology clubs

In 2016, we supported several after-school technology clubs, mentored by undergraduate Engineering students, in Paraparaumu, Kapiti, Kelburn, Samuel Marsden, Whitby, the girls club at National library and on Victoria's campus.

The clubs encourage secondary school students to develop their technology interests with robotics, programming and computer-assisted design. The skills students develop at these clubs are directly relevant to courses they could take at Victoria.

We also provide direct support to Te Rōpū Āwhina programme, students from the School of Engineering and Computer Science have also provided support to college students, clubs, groups and individuals such as St Patricks Silverstream and Wellington College.

To find out more

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