Engineer your future

The world’s problems will be solved by engineers. Engineers are the people who design and create the world we live in and who will shape our future. Does this sound like you?

Answer this...

Do you want to make the next major breakthrough in technology, help save a life, produce the next big game or start the next Facebook?

Are you someone who likes problem solving, creativity, making stuff, understanding how things really work and thinks ‘I could improve that’? If the answer is yes, our Engineering programme is for you.

Our Bachelor of Engineering with Honours focuses on digital-based technology that provides you with the knowledge essential in the modern workplace.

You’ll start immediately gaining core skills and applying them to designing and building exciting technology, such as healthcare devices, autonomous robots, programming for safety critical situations, smartphone applications and computer games.

Exciting career opportunities

Victoria’s graduates create new systems that make more efficient use of our limited energy supplies and increase the ease of use and safety of all the electronic products we use today.

Graduates have awesome careers, planning new communication networks, constructing new software systems, designing computer games, creating the next generation of electronics and developing medical technologies.

Study at New Zealand’s number one ranked research university

You will be taught by staff members who are actively engaged in cutting-edge research at New Zealand’s number one ranked research university. Our staff are constantly extending the boundaries of modern engineering knowledge and are passionate about transmitting their excitement about their chosen profession to you.

Highly sought after graduates

Victoria’s Engineering programme will train you in project management and provide instruction on essential professional skills such as entrepreneurship, ethics and sustainability. Your learning will be supported by our research and development projects, and by opportunities to work with industry.

These all work together to make our graduates highly sought after by employers.

Three exciting majors available

Our Engineering programme is a four-year professional degree with majors in Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering, Network Engineering and Software Engineering.

Majors in Computer Science and Electronic and Computer Systems are also offered at Victoria within the three-year Bachelor of Science degree and the four-year Bachelor of Science with Honours.

New Computer Graphics major

In 2016 Victoria introduced a new Computer Graphics major in the Bachelor of Science. This leads on to a Master’s, or even a PhD in Computer Graphics, under the tuition of staff who have worked on films such as The Matrix sequels and Avatar.

Make a difference

Engineers and computer scientists are some of the most sought-after and important people in today’s society. You'll graduate from Victoria with skills that will prepare you for a range of interesting and well paid careers.

If you are looking for a career that can make a real difference, is rewarding and enjoyable, come and join us at Victoria’s Faculty of Engineering.