Software Engineering student Liam de Grey holds a mobile phone at BigEars HQ

Student project hits the ear-waves

Victoria University Software Engineering student Liam De Grey has not yet finished his degree, but already his research is being used in the real world.

Working with BigEars

His project is helping BigEars Ltd, a Wellington-based company that turns customer feedback into audio files for businesses all around the world, to get its product to clients when they’re on the go.

“Big Ears’ clients said they often needed to listen to customer feedback while they were out and about, and some were using really old technology, like burning CDs, to have this flexibility,” Liam says.

Real-world impact

Liam worked with BigEars to develop an app that would allow the company’s clients to stream audio clips through their devices.

I really enjoyed working with the company and figuring out their requirements. It’s been interesting to see how things work in the real world.

Know-how from his university courses came in handy, including project management principles to keep everything on track.

Making a difference

“It’s so satisfying to hear that a company appreciates your work and what you’re doing is making a difference. The iOS version of the BigEars app is now on the App Store, with the Google Play store soon to release the Android version, so that’s a huge buzz for me.”

Opportunities for Engineering students

Liam says the coolest thing about being an Engineering student at Victoria is being able to work on amazing projects such as this.

“There’s always heaps going on and there are so many opportunities for students here.”