Postgraduate admissions

To apply and enrol for postgraduate study you must follow certain procedures.


If you are interested in a PhD at Victoria, contact the Faculty of Graduate Research.

There are three application rounds a year for admission as a PhD student, combined with Victoria University scholarship applications. The deadlines are 1 March, 1 July and 1 November.

Some exceptions apply so check with the Faculty of Graduate Research or with the relevant School. It is important to read all the programme information before applying online.

Master’s by thesis

If you want to apply to enrol in a research-based Master’s degree, the first step is to contact a postgraduate coordinator within the relevant school or faculty to discuss your proposed topic and supervision requirements.

Ask your postgraduate coordinator about the correct process to enrol as some enrolments can be completed online and others use enrolment forms, or refer to the Master’s by thesis degree pages for further information.

The next step is to submit a formal proposal to a postgraduate committee in your school for approval. Your supervisor will assist you with this.

Talk to your School’s Postgraduate Coordinator as soon as possible.

Taught Master’s

Applications for coursework-based Master’s degrees are generally due on either 10 December or 10 January, although some exceptions apply. 

View the Taught Master's programmes entry requirements and deadlines, then apply online.


Honours degrees are either 480 points, requiring advanced study (eg. the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours), or separate, advanced 120-point degrees that may be taken after good performance in an undergraduate degree (eg. Bachelor of Arts with Honours). Honours degrees can lead to a Master’s degree or in some cases directly to a PhD.

Application dates may vary, check the individual course programme information.

Certificates and diplomas

Victoria offers both postgraduate and graduate certificates and diplomas. Check out the Programme and Courses pages to understand the entry requirements and deadlines before applying.

Once you have met those requirements, apply via our online enrolment system. If you are applying for the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology you’ll need to apply via the School of Psychology.

International students

If you are an international student who:

  • hasn’t studied in New Zealand before, or
  • has been away for more than two years, or
  • has just completed the English Proficiency Programme,

Contact Victoria International to apply for all postgraduate programmes except PhD. If you are interested in a PhD, please contact Faculty of Graduate Research.

Exchange programmes

Visit Victoria International if you wish to apply or enrol on an exchange programme to Victoria.


Victoria has a range of postgraduate scholarships available. Visit Scholarships to find out more.