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Register with the online enrolment system to apply to study at Victoria. Applications are now open to study in Trimester Three 2014.

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Note for international students

This process is for New Zealand residents only. If you are an international student, see the international admission instructions for how to apply and enrol.

If for any reason you can't enrol online, contact the enrolment office for help. 

For everything to do with your enrolment, we will email the address you give when you register with the online enrolment system. 

We recommend that you add the address to your contacts to stop messages from the online enrolment system being marked as spam.

When to enrol


Apply now to study in Trimester Three. Applications are due by 1 November 2014.

For course planning advice, contact Student Recruitment, Admission and Orientation.


Some postgraduate programmes have different enrolment and start dates. Refer to the postgraduate admissions page and individual programme information for further information.

Teacher education programmes of study

Some teacher education programmes have different enrolment and start dates for different courses. Visit the Faculty of Education website for further information.

Your Offer of Study

When we receive your application to enrol, we will send you an Offer of Study. Your Offer is an official list of the qualifications and courses in which Victoria is offering you a place. It will also include details of what they will cost you.

If you are still waiting for your NCEA results, or in some other circumstances, you will receive a Conditional Offer of Study. A Conditional Offer will tell you what results you need to achieve or other information you need to supply to make it unconditional. 

If you have applied only for open-entry courses and programmes, your Offer should arrive within four weeks after you apply. If your Offer hasn’t arrived after four weeks, call the Enrolment Office on freecall 0800 VICTORIA (option 3)/0800 842 867 (option 3).

Once you have your Offer of Study, see Accepting an Offer for what to do next.

What to do next

Once you receive your Offer of Study, see Accepting an Offer to find out what you need to do.