Improving student experience

We ask students to rate their experience of our functions, events, facilities and services through the Student Voice Surveys.

Student Voice surveys

Ensuring you have a great experience at Victoria is very important to us and one of our key strategic goals.

In 2017 the New Students’ Orientation Survey, International Students’ Orientation Survey and components of the Student Experience Improvement Survey were combined to create:

Student Voice—Getting started (March–April)

Focused on the enrolment, orientation and experience of new domestic and international students at the beginning of the year.

Student Voice—Have your say (September–October)

Focused on the student experience and on the access, availability and quality of student services.

These surveys focus on non-teaching activities and covers a wide range of functions, events, facilities and services.

A summary report of the findings will highlight areas of increased student satisfaction, as well as identifies areas for improvement.

The information will inform decision making and improvement initiatives across the University to support a continuous cycle of improvement.

The 2016 survey results show that we offer students a safe and vibrant campus. Overall student satisfaction levels remain high for overall performance of all services and facilities.  For more information, see the survey report.

For more information

If you have any questions about the survey or the results, see the information sheet or email