Course additions and withdrawals

If you want to add or drop a course you need to make sure you follow the correct process.

Plan your degree with myQual

You can use myQual to check what will happen if you make changes to your degree or courses. Access this through myVictoria.

Adding a course

You can add or drop courses at the beginning of each trimester—see the course withdrawal dates for 2017. We recommend that you complete your course changes by the end of the first week to avoid getting behind in the lectures.

Add courses using the course add/drop tool in myVictoria (select the myStudy tab and go to the add/drop courses option) or visit your Faculty office.

Places on any given course are not guaranteed as the course may already be full.

Once you have added a course, payment is due the Friday before it starts. If the course has already commenced, payment will be due immediately.

Withdrawing from a course

Drop courses using the course add/drop tool in myVictoria (select the myStudy tab and go to the add/drop courses option) or visit your Faculty office.

There are different withdrawal options, depending on the time of withdrawal and the circumstances involved.

Withdrawal with refund

You will no longer be liable for the applicable course fees if you withdraw before the dates below. The course will not appear on your academic transcript.

International students

If you are an international student, withdrawing from a course may impact your eligibility to hold a student visa, especially if you fall below the required course load for full time study.

Visit Victoria International or contact before you withdraw from any courses.

If your course dates differ from those below, contact to confirm the withdrawal deadline dates.

2016/2017 course withdrawal dates with refund

Full year courses
Withdraw by 17 March 2017
Trimester One courses
Withdraw by 17 March 2017
Trimester Two courses
Withdraw by 28 July 2017
Trimester Three 2016 courses: from 14 November–23 December 2016
Withdraw by 18 November 2016
Trimester Three 2016 courses: from 14 November 2016–26 February 2017
Withdraw by 25 November 2016
Trimester Three 2016 courses: from 9 January–26 February 2017
Withdraw by 13 January 2017

Withdrawing late from a course

Withdrawing late from a course after the dates above may impact your eligibility for a student loan and allowance (including retrospectively).

Withdrawing from a course later in the trimester

Non-payment of fees

Non-payment of fees, ceasing to attend or verbally advising a member of staff will not be accepted as notice of withdrawal.

If you withdraw after the 2017 course withdrawal with refund dates but before the dates below, your fees will not be refunded (unless a fee reconsideration is approved) and you will receive a withdrawn grade (WD) for the course.

Studylink will treat this withdrawn grade as a fail grade unless relevant supporting documentation is provided to them.

Full year courses
25 August 2017
Trimester One courses
19 May 2017
Trimester Two courses
29 September 2017
Trimester Three courses (2016)
At the three quarter point of the teaching dates

Associate Dean late withdrawal

If you withdraw from a course after the late withdrawal dates above, you will be regarded as having failed the course unless the Associate Dean gives you approval to withdraw.

Associate Dean late withdrawals will only be approved if medical or exceptional personal circumstances have stopped you from continuing or completing your course.

Only in exceptional circumstances are withdrawals granted after the final examination or other assessment.

Application forms for an Associate Dean late withdrawal are available at the Faculty office.If your application to withdraw late from a course is successful, you will not receive a fail grade on your academic record for that course.

Supporting documents

Both the Associate Dean late withdrawal and fee reconsideration applications require you to provide dates and relevant supporting documents such as a medical certificate or letter from the Counselling Service (these must be originals or certified copies).

We will also check you were attending class and completing assignments before you withdrew.

Whether or not your Associate Dean withdrawal is approved, if you have withdrawn late due to a medical or exceptional personal circumstance, you may still qualify for a fees reconsideration.