Campus Coaches engaging in activities with new students in the Hub

Campus Coaches

Get involved with the Campus Coaches programme when you start uni—connect with other new students, find your way around and get tips for study and student life.

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The Campus Coaches programme is designed to help you get connected with your university, by helping you to find your way around, connect with other students from your faculty and help you with the transition into university life and study.

We know that many of you will be overwhelmed with the number of different ways to connect and engage with Victoria when you first arrive—moving into a hall, joining a club and engaging with the various class and faculty groups on offer.

Our Campus Coaches want to make your transition as smooth as possible, which is why we offer two different options of engagement depending on what you need and want.

Option one—personalised campus tours (45–60 minutes)

Are you worried about finding all your lecture theatres or being late to your first class? Want to breeze through your first week and walk around campus with confidence like a local?

Come along to one of our Campus Coaches desks (located on all three campuses) to:

  • Find out where all of your lectures and tutorials are held (bring your timetable).
  • Learn where all the key services and facilities are that you might need during your studies.
  • Get the answers to any general questions you have about starting university.
  • Learn some hints and tips about getting to, from and around the campuses.

Bring your timetable and find out where all your classes are and other key spots around the university.

Personalised campus tours are 45–60 minutes long and will depart from three locations at the following times:

  • Victoria Info Ihonui, Level 2 Kelburn Library entrance, the Hub between 10am–2pm
  • Ground floor, Rutherford House (near Victoria Info Ihonui) between 11am–1pm
  • Ground floor, Te Aro campus (near the reception desk between 11am–1pm.

Tours will run weekdays from Monday 27 February until Friday 17 March (excluding Friday 3 March).

Option two—join a Campus Coaches group (2 weeks)

Do you want to make connections with other first-year students studying the same degree as you? Do you want to learn some hints and tips specific to your degree programme and find your way around campus with ease?

By joining a Campus Coaches group you will be put with a senior student and other first-years who are studying from the same degree programme as you.  This option is good for students who may not have many other opportunities for connecting with other first-years when they start university.

The Campus Coaches group will provide you with:

  • New connections with other first-years from your degree programme.
  • A campus tour covering key lecture theatres, services and facilities.
  • Regular group catch ups (for a minimum of two weeks).
  • A contact point for any questions you have as you start your university journey.
  • The answers to any general questions you have about starting university.
  • Hints and tips about getting to, from and around the campuses.

Campus Coaches kick-off

Campus Coaches kick-off will be at 1.30pm on Monday 27 February 2017. Check out times and locations.