Loans and allowances enrolment requirements

There are various enrolment requirements to determine your eligibility to receive a student loan and/or allowance.

Please note: Equivalent Full-time student (EFTS) is a measure used by StudyLink to assess eligibility. Taking 120 points is the same as 1 EFTS.

Minimum enrolment

Minimum enrolment to be eligible to have your fees paid by Student Loan:

  • 30 points /0.25 EFTS

Full-time enrolment

You must be enrolled in full-time study to get an allowance, living costs and/or course related costs through student loan:

  • One trimester = 48 points/0.4 EFTS.
  • Full year (two or three trimesters) = 96 points/0.8 EFTS.
  • Trimester 3 (summer) enrolment only = 36 points/0.3 EFTS.
Any student loan/allowance application cannot be greater than a 52-week period and should not run across two academic years.


Limited full-time enrolment

In some instances students may qualify for Limited Full-time status. For more information contact StudyLink.

Postgraduate enrolment

Full-time status is only one of many criteria a student must meet to qualify for Student Loan and/or Allowance. For more information or to apply for your Student Loan/Allowance visit the StudyLink website.