Qualification certificate

About your Qualification Certificate, including what it’s made from, instructions for getting a replacement and advice on protection, framing and copying.

A Qualification Certificate states that you have been awarded your qualification by the University Council. It is a legal document authenticated by the Common Seal of the University.

Your Certificate will be presented to you at your Graduation Ceremony. If you graduate in absentia, it will be posted to you or you can collect it from the Graduation Office.

If you have completed the requirements for your qualification but have yet to graduate, you can request a Certificate of Completion or your academic transcript.

Replacement certificates

You can order a replacement if you have legally changed your name or your original Certificate has been lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged.

Download the Replacement Certificate Application form.

The University does not issue multiple copies of Qualification Certificates. If you still have your Certificate, send it back with the form so that a replacement can be issued.

If you don’t have your Certificate, fill out the statutory declaration section of the form in the presence of a Justice of the Peace, or any other person authorised to make statutory declarations.

Cost and timeframe:

  • 48 hour dispatch from receipt of form—$90.
  • 5 working day dispatch from receipt of form—$65.

These timeframes don’t include days when the University is closed or the days of graduation ceremonies.

PhD certificates may take longer—contact the Graduation Office to discuss.

Certified copies

Before you frame your Certificate, we recommend that you make photocopies for your CV and have them signed by a Justice of the Peace, Barrister or Solicitor.

If you plan to work overseas be aware that employers may ask to see the original. 

Goatskin parchment

Qualification Certificates are printed on goatskin parchment. Victoria uses an imitation of actual goatskin made with a high cotton content. It is guaranteed to last 500 years.

So animal lovers need not worry—no goats will be harmed in the making of your certificate.


Your Certificate is vulnerable to sunlight as well as wear and tear. We recommend you have it framed to protect it.

For best results, use a professional framing service using an archival rag-mat-board and backing boards, which are acid free, and archival glass with ultra violet protection.