Graduating is a time to celebrate your achievement. Find out about graduation at Victoria and how to prepare for your graduation.

When you have met the qualification requirements of your degree, you are eligible to graduate.

Your faculty will assess that you have met your degree requirements and change the status of your degree to degree complete.

You will then be sent an email that outlines how to apply for graduation—so ensure your contact details are current. You can update your contact details on myVictoria.

Apply to graduate

What you need to do before you can graduate, applying to graduate in absentia or at a ceremony and information about advance and deferred graduation.

Graduation ceremonies

We hold graduation ceremonies twice a year, in May and December. Learn more about them, and what you need to do to participate.

Academic dress

Learn about what to wear at the graduation ceremonies, including hiring information and the dress code.

Qualification Certificate

About your Qualification Certificate, including what it’s made from, instructions for getting a replacement and advice on protection, framing and copying.