Pipitea Fitness timetable

Our group exercise programme has a wide range of classes to choose from, with something for everyone the whole year round.

Duration: all group classes run for 50 minutes.
*Booking required: you'll need to book ahead for some of our busier classes.

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Pipitea Fitness

This timetable is for Trimester One and runs from 20 February to 16 July 2017.

Combines stretching, breathing, balance, strength and relaxation moves.

Based on a series of exercises that build core strength, improving the way your body looks, feels and functions.

A free class where you can learn basic meditative techniques and how to enjoy being in the present moment. Delivered in a relaxed and down to earth manner and open to all.

Helps you to improve your muscle tone, strength, balance and coordination while doing a series of fun and challenging exercises.

Utilises the weight training principle of progressive loading with simple movements. It is a great workout for strengthening all your major muscle groups.

A weight lifting class to tone, burn fat and strengthen muscles. Load your bar to suit your strength.

The ultimate body workout, utilising a step and dumbbells. It integrates work using your own body weight, with emphasis on your glutes, abs and thighs.

A shadow boxing fitness class, combining the best of boxing and martial arts.

Using a platform in different positions and heights, with a variety of step patterns. It is a great way to strengthen and shape the lower body.

A high energy, effective, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance class. Ditch the workout and join the party.

A female only class which uses small equipment and body weight exercises in a variety of ways to give you a great workout, a bit of a challenge and some fun.

A challenging workout using a variety of training methods designed to increase your fitness and overall strength using weight and cardio stations.