Events and programmes

We offer a range of sporting and non-sporting events and programmes, as well as health and wellbeing initiatives throughout the year. Keep an eye out for dates.


Our one-off events are a great mix of fun, competition and skill.

Sunrise Yoga

Make the most of your morning and enjoy yoga at sunrise. This event will be held:

  • Tuesday 4 April

Glow Yoga

Wear white or neon and experience yoga while you glow in the dark. This event will be held:

  • Monday 31 July


Entries open a few weeks before each tournament—be sure to mark these dates in your diary and get the crew together for an action packed evening. The following tournaments are coming up:

  • Futsal Tournament
  • Volleyball Tournament
  • Fast 5 Tournament
  • Turbo Touch Tournament

Dates for these tournaments are yet to be confirmed.

If you're looking to play sport on a regular basis, check out our sports leagues or clubs and societies to join a team.

Courses and programmes

We offer a range of one day courses, multi-day programmes and workshops.

Just Lose It

Our annual six week healthy lifestyle programme will help you make positive changes to your overall wellbeing. Participants team up with our fitness advisers, setting goals, working hard and having a lot of fun along the way with the aim of cementing healthy daily routines.

The programme begins on:

  • Monday 1 May (for 6 weeks)

First aid

Our student first aid courses are delivered by St Johns and are NZQA approved—ideal for those needing a first aid qualification for their degree (this course is suitable for a teaching degree).

The course is completed in one day and has a discounted rate for Victoria students of $110.

First aid courses will be held on:

  • Saturday 20 May
  • Saturday 5 August
  • Saturday 30 September
  • Saturday 25 November


Gain more confidence in your everyday life—learn ways to be strong and safe in a variety of situations. These courses teach you hits, kicks, holds and escape techniques as well as providing tips to help keep you safe.

Self-defence courses are held throughout the year and can be either mixed or female-only. To find out more or register your interest, email the Recreation Centre.

Dates for these courses are yet to be confirmed.