Volunteer at International Orientation

Volunteer at International Orientation and help introduce new international students to Wellington.

As a Victoria International volunteer, you’ll:

  • help out at International Orientation
  • develop and lead Capital Safari tours in the Wellington region
  • earn points towards your Victoria International Leadership Programme (VILP) or Victoria Plus Award.

You can choose to volunteer at Orientation, on Capital Safaris or do both.

Download and complete the Volunteer registration form and email to vi-activity@vuw.ac.nz.

International Orientation

As an International Orientation volunteer, you’ll:

  • chat to new students
  • help them navigate International Orientation
  • lead Campus Tours
  • generally be a smiling, positive person
  • help with practical aspects of the orientation programme if asked.

You’ll need to commit about 8 hours of your time across orientation week—we’ll roster you into activities that fit around your other commitments.

Capital Safaris

Small teams of current students (both domestic and international) work together to plan a tour of Wellington based around a theme—like visual arts, sports, nature, history or politics.

We’ll put you into a team with other volunteers who want to make a tour around the same theme. The structure of the tour is up to your team—you may have a list of places that you want to visit, or you may prefer to focus on one event or activity.

The tours run the weekend after International Orientation, and you’ll spend about 12 hours in total planning and running your event.

We’ll provide some training, tour development and guidelines around organising your tour.

VILP points

If you’re in the Victoria International Leadership Programme, volunteering at International Orientation can earn you up to 40 experiential points (equivalent to a total of 20 hours of service) under the Cross-Cultural Communication Category.

The number of points you get will depend on the total hours of service you contribute.

Victoria Plus

Volunteering at International Orientation or Capital Safaris counts as an activity for the Victoria Plus Award.

To get your points, complete an Activity Verification form—you'll find these on CareerHub, under Victoria Plus resources.

If you have any questions about volunteering, contact vi-activity@vuw.ac.nz.