Refugee-background students

Information, support and advice tailored specifically to students with a refugee background.

Nau mai haere mai—welcome

Congratulations on all your hard work and achievements so far. It’s great to have you with us at Victoria University.

Victoria offers you many exciting opportunities to learn and grow, with a network of students and staff that understand where you are coming from and how to help you achieve your goals.

There are more than 100 students from diverse refugee-backgrounds across the University, and even more who have successfully completed their studies at Victoria.

Types of support

As refugee-background students, you bring something special to Victoria. Ask questions, have fun, work hard and reach out to those around you. Learning is more enjoyable when you do it with others, and their support will add to your success.

Drop-in centre

There are student mentors to help you understand how the University works and to assist you with your assignments.

The Drop-in centre provides a place where refugee background students can meet, network with others on campus, and get support with their study at Victoria.

The Drop-in centre operates on Tuesdays during term time, and is open between 4–6pm. You’ll find it in the Student Learning Seminar room, KK006.

Make sure to tell us what you’d like the centre to do. Run more social events? Hold workshops on time management or assignment planning? The centre is your space, so get involved.

For more information, visit our Facebook page or email

Opening Doors

We have a booklet for refugee-background students to help you get settled, establish good study habits and connect with others in the University community—with tips from former refugee-background students.

Opening Doors: Support and Services for Refugee-Background Students at Victoria University is a publication especially for students from a refugee background. It gives you lots of useful information about Victoria, Wellington, and how to access the different kinds of support that are available to you.

Teaching support

There is a strong network of teaching and support staff across the University, who have a particular interest and commitment to supporting refugee-background students.

To find out who may be in your area, contact Kirsten Reid, email or call her on +64-4-463 6841.

Other key student support services

At Victoria, we offer a wide range of services so students have the support they need to ensure a successful university experience.

The following services are available to all students enrolled at Victoria:

Student Learning

Student Learning has staff with specialist knowledge of how best to support refugee-background students, as well as other resources and workshops to enable you to get the most out of your time at University.