Student Health


We provide a high standard of primary medical care as well as health education and promotion.

We provide:

  • Treatment for illnesses and/or injuries
  • Guidance and management of chronic conditions e.g. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, mental health
  • Medical assessment for immigration, diving, and overseas training examinations as well travel medical care.
  • Melanoma screening and minor surgery for moles, lumps and bumps.
  • Consultation and support with sexual & reproductive health issues, e.g. STI checks (Sexually Transmitted Infections), cervical smears, contraceptive advice.
  • Management of psychological problems
  • Specialist consultations for skin (dermatologist) and mental health (psychiatrist)

You also have access to FREE nutritional advice from post graduate students of School of Dieticians.

Student Health also provides consultations for Alternative Exam Facilities and aegrotat applications. Please read the Victoria University medical certificate policy if this affects you.

On The Day, Urgent Triage System

Kelburn Clinic only: Our triage system is a process by which those whose medical needs are greatest are attended to first. You will have to indicate to reception that you must be seen today because you have an urgent or significant medical concern that cannot wait. Reception will offer you a list of triage categories, if you are within the necessary categories you will be added to the triage queue and a nurse will see you to "triage" you.

The nurse triaging you will only deal with acute problem you have presented with on the day. You will be required to book a routine appointment for any other medical issues.

There is no guarantee you will be seen by a doctor if you are on the triage queue. The triage nurse will assess you clinically and decide whether you require either a routine appointment on another day, to treat you directly and discharge you, or to escalate you to our duty doctor if needed.

You cannot present to the triage queue after 4pm. It is expected that if your situation is acute enough to require going on to the triage queue then you should have presented well before 4pm. 

If you present to us after 4pm or during a period where our triage system is at absolute capacity already, then you will be referred to an after-hours clinic for medical attention at your expense. 

Medical Certificates

Victoria University Student Health Medical Certificate Policy

If you are a student with common short term illnesses such as:

  • Colds/flu-like symptoms of less than 5 days duration
  • Simple headaches
  • Simple fatigue/stress etc

You should first go to your tutor, lecturer or course coordinator to seek an extension or exemption from academic requirements, as permitted under Section 4.3 of the Victoria University Student Workload Policy

Only if the tutor insists on a medical certificate for these common short-term illnesses or if you are not comfortable in informing your tutor about your illness then come to Student Health for a medical certificate.

Test Results

Your doctor or nurse will discuss with you the procedure for getting your results. We will contact all patients about their results—even if normal. You may be required to attend for some results, some you may be able to phone for.

In either case, we recommend that you always find out the results of any test done and never assume that 'no news is good news'; letters can go astray and phone messages may be deleted etc.

Phone (04) 463 5308 for test result enquires - you can select option 4 on the phone system to leave a message with your name and contact details and a nurse will contact you shortly afterwards.