Student Health


Smoking is a leading cause of death in New Zealand, as well as affecting your everyday health and quality of life. Approximately 700,000 New Zealanders currently smoke but about 1 in 5 are actively trying to quit.

Student Health supports all students trying to quit. Make an appointment to seek help and advice on quitting.

The Quit Group/ Me Mutu
A charitable trust that co-ordinates three national smoking cessation programs (such as Quitline) as well and advertising and public relations campaigns (e.g. It's all about whanau). To contact Quitline, call 0800 778 778.

Their web site also provides fact sheets about all kinds of related health information, and tips on how to stop smoking.

The Health Sponsorship Council has marketed the Smokefree brand with the aim of reducing the number of smokers in New Zealand.

Auahi Kore
Maori smoking rates are almost double the rate of non-Maori (48% of Maori adults smoke, compared to 25% of the general population).

Auahi Kore is a Smokefree Maori brand, that supports those Maori who want or have chosen to lead a healthy lifestyle by not smoking.

ASH - Action on Smoking and Health
ASH provide lots of information about health statistics, news, campaigns and resources. In fact, anything and everything about smoking.