Student Health


Student Health takes privacy and confidentiality very seriously and adheres to the Health Information Privacy Code (HIPC). You can read about this by visiting the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

Student Health Service Statement on Privacy and Confidentiality

You may be worried about access to and the use of information about you that is held by Student Health. In recognition of this, the following material has been produced for your reassurance and information.

Student Health follows the New Zealand Health Information Privacy Code. You can read the full text of this at

All Student Health Staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
Clinical information is not available to academic staff or other University staff. The only exception is that information contained in medical certificates or aegrotats provided to other University staff with your consent.

Medical information about you is now kept on computer using practice management software, although some of you may have older paper based notes as well. Only staff of this clinic have access to the computer information and paper files.

Receptionist can only access data about your appointments, account status, and the demographic information transmitted to us at enrolment (e.g. address, contact phone number etc). They do not have access to clinical information.

Computer Medical Notes

These can be accessed by all the clinical care providers (i.e. doctors, nurses, counsellors) . However:

  • There is a facility within our computer system for making particular consultation notes only accessible to specified providers should you wish us to do this on any occasion.
  • No member of the clinical staff is permitted to browse without clinical reason
  • Counselling staff do not look at medical notes without your consent, and then only to ascertain a referring doctor's notes pertinent to your counselling needs.

Disposal of Notes

Redundant Health Information e.g. copies of letters or results which have been filed electronically are disposed of on the premises by secure shredding.

Medical notes which exist as paper based files are retained by Student Health for about 10 years in a secure facility to which only we have access.

Computerised clinical files are 'inactivated' if a student does not re-enrol but remain retrievable within the system should they be required.

Transfer of Notes

When you leave the university we are happy to transfer your medical file to your next GP. We do not transfer any notes to other parties without your consent. Generally the transfer of notes is arranged between your new practice and SHS – patients do not have to actively collect and deliver anything.

If you have any concerns about confidentiality and information access, please discuss this with your health professional or the Director of Student Health..