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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. All routine medical needs require booking appointments in advance. However, students with urgent medical needs, e.g. accidents and injuries, may not need to book in advance. Please read our appointments section for further details.

How can I make an appointment?

Appointments for all campuses can be made via phone or by visiting our campuses in person. Read further how to contact us.

When do I see a nurse instead of a doctor?

Practice nurse deal with general health inquires, asthma monitoring, contraception, smears, sexually transmitted infections, dietary advices, travel immunisations, minor ailments and injuries.

What shall I bring with me?

You will be asked to show a current Student ID Card at the reception. If you have a community services card bring it with you to your appointment. It is also important to have with you the contact address details of your previous GP or your GP back home overseas.

What if it's my first visit?

You will be asked to fill the questionnaire for first visitors about past medical and surgical history, immunisations, medications you're on, history of allergies, family history and the lifestyle factors: physical activity, alcohol, smoking, etc.

Do I need an appointment for repeat prescriptions?

For safety reasons, generally all patients must be seen by a doctor or nurse before medication can be re-prescribed, unless otherwise agreed with your GP, but conditions will still apply.

What about medical certificates?

If you are a student with common short flu-like symptoms of less than 5 days duration

  • Simple headaches

  • Simple fatigue/stress etc

You should first go to your tutor, lecturer or course coordinator to seek an extension or exemption from academic requirements.

Only if the tutor insists on a medical certificate for these common short-term illnesses or if you are not comfortable in informing your tutor about your illness then come to Student Health for a medical certificate. This policy aims to free up appointments for fellow students who need medical attention.

How long can I see a doctor?

The doctors have a 15-minute appointment system. If you think you might need more time as your problem is, for example, psychological in nature, please tell the reception staff to make a 30-minute appointment. If you have more than one problem you may be asked to make another appointment for the less urgent problems.