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Measles Alert - Check your immunisation status

There has been a worrying increase in the number of measles cases in students in the upper North Island, with a large outbreak in Hamilton schools. Measles is likely to continue to spread in the North Island for many months.


With mid term break and the July school holidays lots of people may travel to Auckland and Waikato. Other activities where people may come in contact with someone in the early stage of measles include sports tournaments, on the ski fields, or travelling to Vietnam or the Philippines where there are on-going measles outbreaks.


Immunisation is your best protection.


We recommend that all students aged 18 – 23 years (born 1991 to 1996) contact their family doctor to confirm they have had TWO doses of measles vaccine. Between 1991 and 1996 was when the second MMR vaccine was changed from 11 years to 4 years.


Student Health can provide vaccine boosters and advice.

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