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Top five money saving tips

  1. The cost of trips home: check the university calendar and book early for flights or bus fares home

  2. Organise a ‘call home’ plan with your phone provider

  3. Bulk buy personal toiletries on special over the summer so the student can have a stock of essential supplies for each trimester

  4. If the student is going flatting, pack a “pantry starter kit” – see our grocery shopping list for ideas. 

  5. Internet access is very helpful for their studies – look for a good deal on an internet subscription.

Preparing your son or daughter for university

Top five financial advice tips

Bullet-pointHave a conversation about money

It’s important to discuss openly who will be responsible for what.  Which costs will you pay? Which costs will your son/daughter have to pay?  Have a look at our sample budget to help identify all the costs involved.

Bullet-pointBank accounts

Ensure they switch their existing bank account to the tertiary bank package offered.  This will avoid any transaction fees. Also make sure they understand the implications of an overdraft (available on most tertiary packages) and a credit card.

Bullet-pointCommunity Services Card

They should apply for a community services card.  This will ensure discounted or heath care if they have to go to after hours surgery and dental discounts.  Eligibility is based on their personal income not their parents.  The personal income limit for 2012 is $24,461 p.a.

Bullet-pointStudent Loan

Apply early for the Student Loan, if they are going to use one.  Apply at least 6 to 8 weeks before the course begins.  We advise applying in November/December.  Our service is available, either by phone or in person, to help students with the online application process.

Bullet-pointFinancial reality check

Work together on a financial reality check.  Can they track their personal spending? Are they able to work out a realistic budget? Look at our trimester cash flow budget.