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Need help during the breaks?

If you are not studying over the summer and have not been able to find work, or if your job is only part time and you are on a low wage, then the Jobseeker Support Student Hardship can help.

Who can apply?

To be eligible you must be returning to study and registered with Student Job Search. If you receive the Student Allowance you will qualify for this benefit. If you don’t receive the Student Allowance, you will have to show evidence of hardship. Staying in Wellington, having to pay rent, and not receiving regular support from family qualifies as hardship.

When should you apply?

Apply for the benefit early, at least two weeks before your course ends. There is a one week stand-down period.

You will be without income for one week after your allowance or loan living costs stops and the benefit starts. This is usually the last week of November. If you get a job, you can always cancel the benefit.

How to apply

Apply online at the StudyLink website.

You will need to have submitted a Student Allowance and/or Student Loan application for the next period of study. You also have to be registered with Student Job Search.


If you would like help with the application process, please contact us for an appointment.