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Media Studies

Why Study Media Studies?

The media are everywhere. They feed us fact and fantasy, ideas and information, sign and symbol, truth and lies. Their influence is profound, and, ideally, painless.

Media Studies is the systematic examination of both the traditional media (such as radio, newspapers and television) and the newer media (such as the Internet and electronic games). As a discipline it seeks to develop an informed and critical understanding of the ways in which the media influence social, political and economic areas of life, as well as the way they shape our perceptions, attitudes, desires and behaviour.

Where do Media Graduates work?

The Big Players: A large section of the media industry in NZ is dominated by a few big international companies with multiple media interests.

The jobs contained within these organisations span a range of functions, principally editorial, design, production, presenting, advertising, and marketing. There are also technical roles such as sound and camera operators.

Advertising, marketing and public relations are also media operators.

Action! The film industry in NZ is thriving, but sporadic. Typical entry level jobs are production assistant, production secretary, runner, and possibly research assistant.

The Watchdogs: Although the industry is largely self-monitoring, official monitoring and regulatory bodies are still necessary, and include The Press Council, the Broadcasting Standards Authority, and the Office of Film and Literature Classification (the Censor's Office).

The Government: Most government departments and ministries have Communication Units.

TVNZ employs journalists/reporters, researchers and production assistants, which can be entry level roles appropriate to Media Studies graduates.

Other employers of Media Studies Graduates:

  • Local Authorities
  • NZ Film Commission
  • NZ on Air
  • Museum of NZ Te Papa
  • Community-based social agencies
  • Music industry
  • Book publishing industry

What skills do Media Studies graduates have?

One of the great benefits of doing Media Studies is the understanding you gain of the process of communication. Good communication skills are also the basis for other important skills, such as relationship management and leadership.

  • Written communication skills
  • Oral communication skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Research skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Critical judgment skills

Further information about Media Studies can be found in the Media Studies Career View (190KB PDF)