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Media Studies

Media have evolved over time into both an institution within society and as a critical element of other institutions. We increasingly rely on media to inform us about society and our place in it. Our interactions with others are also increasingly mediated, leading to new practices and social formations. At the same time, our education, experiences, culture and beliefs all influence our interactions with media.

What is Media Studies?

From print media to television, popular music, the internet and mobile technologies, media are increasingly intertwined in our lives. At an individual level, the media we use influence our behaviours, activities and beliefs in a variety of ways, which in turn shape our understanding of media and what we can do with them. Media also play a role in communities, societies and cultures. We rely on media to learn about current events, for entertainment, to socialise with others, to share our thoughts and beliefs, as well as engage in political debates and social movements.

What skills do Media Studies graduates have?

Media Studies students develop capabilities in written and spoken communication, independent research, teamwork, and the critical analysis of texts, practices and cultures. Mastering these skills provides Media Studies graduates with a profile that prepares them for a variety of employment possibilities, community service, research and governmental opportunities.

Where do Media graduates work?

The skills above have a clear relevance for a variety of career paths. In fact, while working within media industries is a goal of many of our graduates, media have become an integral element of many companies and institutions. Thus, students will have an opportunity to work in a wide range of fields and contexts.

Professional associations

Belonging to a professional body provides students and graduates with the opportunity to make contacts, keep up-to-date with current industry knowledge and learn more about specific areas of interest. Some options include:

  • ANZCA - Australian and New Zealand Communication Association
  • Journalism Education Association of New Zealand
  • Marketing Association - Auckland and Wellington
  • Media Communications Association - International
  • New Zealand Writers Guild
  • SPADA - Screen Production and Development Association of New Zealand
  • CAANZ – Communications Agencies Association