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Targeted Emails

Increase your chances of reaching your target audience by emailing relevant faculty, degree, major subject or class lists.

Process for targeted emails:

  • Finalise requirements with Vic Careers no less than five working days before the mailing date
  • Provide a short, precise copy of the email - text only, no graphics
  • Vic Careers will add the following disclaimer to all emails:

"This information has been sent to you on our behalf by the Victoria University of Wellington Career Development and Employment office without the disclosure of your name and address details. The provision of this information does not constitute an endorsement by the University of the merits of the organisation providing the information. The University is passing on information, which Vic Careers feels may assist you in your job search. You should make your own enquiries to verify any of the information given."

The communication will be sent in plain text format within the body of an email, not as an attachment

Charges:   $50 + GST per agreed group for organisations recruiting for themselves
                 $100 + GST per agreed group for recruitment via recruitment consultancy

Note: a single mailing may consist of more than one group

To discuss your requirements, contact us now!