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International Students

All resources and services at Vic Careers and on our website are available to International Students currently enrolled or graduated from Victoria University of Wellington. The following information is specific to International Students.

What can the Careers Consultant help with, and how do I get to see a Careers Consultant?

Qualified Careers Consultants can assist you with career planning and job search preparation.

They can help you decide what kind of work you might enjoy, check your CV and Cover Letter and advise on preparing for an interview.

We run a 'Drop In' service where you can have 15 minutes with a Careers Consultant, or alternatively, we have a limited number of half-hour or one-hour appointments.
For more information see Career Advice.
For Careers Consultant 'Drop In' times click here

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What services and resources does Vic Careers provide for International Students?

All resources and services at Vic Careers are available to International Students enrolled or graduated from Victoria University of Wellington. We also have the following specifically for International Students:

  • Workshops:
    We run workshops on CV Preparation and Interview Skills for International Students. They are held at both Vic Careers, HU120, and at Pipitea Campus. These workshops are similar to the CV Preparation and Interview Skills workshops, but there is special emphasis on strategies for minimising the difficulties encountered when English is your second language and you wish to apply for jobs in NZ.
    For more information see Workshops.
  • Books:
    We have the following books in the Careers Resource Library, some of which are also available for free at Vic Careers, HU120.

    These are a sample of the books available at Vic Careers. Topics covered include interview skills, CV preparation, career planning, general job hunting, overseas study, psychometric and selection tests.

    Graduan: Careers & Employment for Malaysian FRESH Graduates. Contains relevant, up-to-date information on careers and employment in Malaysia.

    Careers in Asia 2005.Provides a regional outlook on careers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, PR China, Singapore, and Thailand, as well as tips on job hunting, applications and interviews. It also profiles several major companies.

    Graduate Opportunities. The official directory of the Graduate Careers Council of Australia. Jobs and postgraduate study in New Zealand and Australia. A useful resource for final year students and graduates with valuable advice on job searching, what to expect at an assessment centre and lots more.

    Graduate Futures. Career planning for pre-final year students in Australia and New Zealand. A good resource for penultimate students as a research and preparation tool for job searching.

    Unigrad. Unimail's official graduate jobs book. Full of information and tips on different organisations seeking students in NZ, Australia and Overseas.

    The Global Resume and CV Guide. Information on 40 different countries, job sources, Internet sites, work permit/visa requirements, interviewing and cultural advice.

  • Videos:
    The following videos are a sample of what is available at Vic Careers, viewings may be arranged in advance, or on a drop-in basis.

    Other videos held at Vic Careers cover interview skills, written applications, assessment centres and job hunting skills as well as several on different employers.

    Finding Work in a New Country: Successful Immigrants Give Advice. A practical resource that identifies barriers faced by immigrants and gives advice on how these barriers can be overcome. Provides helpful tips on where to look for jobs, establishing and developing networks, importance of language skills, making the most of available resources and lots more!

    Can I have a few minutes of your time? Useful tips on making yourself known to potential employers through networking or creative job searching.

  • Other Vic Career Publications

    We have produced a series of career publications covering a wide range of career issues, for example job hunting preparation and skills, career options and job vacancy links for specific subjects. They are available at either Vic Careers HU120 or Student Services at Level 2, West Wing, Railway Station, Pipitea Campus. Alternatively they can be downloaded from the website.
    For more information click on Career Publications.

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How do I look for work while studying?

Vic Careers has an online job vacancy and career information site called Victoria CareerHub. Current students and graduates can login and access details for part time, temporary, vacation, scholarships and full time work opportunities in their subject area. A sample of job vacancy details and job descriptions from Victoria CareerHub are on the Jobs Noticeboard at Vic Careers. Both the CareerHub and the Jobs Noticeboard should be checked on a regular basis.
For more information see Victoria CareerHub.

Also check our employment links page for useful job vacancy websites in NZ and overseas.

Visit Vic Careers or view the Job Hunting Preparation page for further information on preparing your CV and cover letter, and preparing for an interview. To view the latest workshop timetable on CV preparation or preparing for an interview, go to Victoria CareerHub.

Can I work in New Zealand while studying?

International Students may be entitled to work in New Zealand while studying if they meet the criteria set out by the New Zealand Immigration Service.

  • Eligible students can work up to 20 hours in any given week during the academic year, rather than 15 hours a week
  • Students of a masters by research or doctoral degree at a New Zealand institution may work full-time while they are studying
  • Students undertaking a course of 12 months or more may work full-time over the summer holidays
  • Students can work to meet a course requirement for practical work experience.

For more information regarding permits and visas, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand, and reporting requirements see:
Immigration New Zealand Study + Work

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Can I work in New Zealand after graduation?

International Students may be entitled to work in New Zealand after graduation if they meet the criteria set out by the New Zealand Immigration Service.

  • International students can work after they graduate if they have an offer of employment relevant to their qualification and successfully completed a course in New Zealand that:
    • had a minimum completion time of three years, or
    • would qualify for points under the Skilled Migrant Category.
  • or they can work for a maximum of six months if they do not have an offer of employment but have successfully completed a qualification in New Zealand that would qualify for points under the Residence Skilled Migrant Category to transition from study, to work, to residence with a Graduate Job Search Work Visa.

The following letter can be given to potential employers outlining the Immigration New Zealand's 'Study to Work' policy. Hard copies are available at Vic Careers, HU120.
For the attention of New Zealand Employers

For more information regarding permits and visas, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand, and reporting requirements see:
Immigration New Zealand Study + Work

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Should I use a Recruitment Agent?

Choose a Recruitment Agent carefully

Choose a reputable agent
Most agents with a good reputation in New Zealand are members of The Recruitment and Consulting Services Association ( who will take action when an agent does not follow professional guidelines.

You do not need to pay an agent
Professional agents do NOT charge applicants for services. They charge the employer instead.

An agent cannot 'guarantee' you a job
This is very suspicious, especially if a fee is charged.

You do not need an agent to apply for a Visa or PR
Apply directly to Immigration New Zealand who will assist and advise you.

A job may not get you a Visa/Permanent Residence
The job offer some agents promise to get you may end up not being suitable/necessary for a work visa. Best to consult Immigration New Zealand directly for advice.

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