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The Careers Resource Library holds a number of text books covering various aspects of job searching, making applications as well as overseas study.

Items may only be used within the careers library itself.

Both the Commerce Library at Pipitea Campus and the Central Library at Kelburn Campus hold several of the following books. For availability of books held at the Commerce Library visit the Central Library, click on Course Reserve in Quick Links, under Lecturer choose Commerce, Careers Reference.

Choose one of the following topics:


201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview. John Kador.* *
60 Seconds and You're Hired. Robin Ryan.*
Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions. M.J. De Luca.*
Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions. Susan Hodgson.*
Get it Right: The Job Interview. C. Sutton.
Interviews Made Easy: How to get the Psychological Advantage. Mark Parkinson.
Interviews: The Guardian Careers Guide. C.Ingham.
Make Your Job Interview a Success. J. I. Biegeleisen.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Interview. Marc Dorio.*
The Interview Question & Answer Book. James Innes.
The Secrets to Getting a Job: The Script for Your Next Job Interview. P. Garside.*
Your First Interview: For Students and Anyone Preparing to Enter Today's Tough Job Market. Ron Fry.*
Winning at Job Interviews, 2nd edition [Teach Yourself]. Igor Popovich.

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CVs and Cover Letters

101 Best Resumes for Grads. J. Block & M. Betrus.*
2500 Keywords to get you Hired. Jay A. Block and Michael Betrus.
175 High-Impact Cover Letters (2nd ed.). Richard H. Beatty.*
McGraw-Hill's Big Red Book of Resumes. McGraw-Hill.*
e-Resumes: Everything You Need to Know About Using Electronic Resumes to Tap into Today's Job Market. Susan Britton Whitcomb and Pat Kendall.*
How to Write your First Professional Resume. J. I. Biegeleisen.*
Killer CVs & Hidden Approaches. Graeme Perkins.*
Resumes for College and Recent Graduates. Third Edition. The Editors of VGM Career Books.
Resumes that get shortlisted: proven strategies to get the job you want. Revised. Jim Bright and Joanne Earl.*
The Damn Good Resume Guide. Y. Parker.*
The Essential CV Survival Guide. Doug Pitcher.*
Write Your Own CV. P. Stenberg.**
Writing Successful New Zealand Style CVs. Doug Pitcher. *
The Global Resume and CV Guide. Mary Anne Thompson. *
The Guide to Basic Cover Letter Writing. Second Edition. The Public Library Association.
The Perfect CV. T & E Jackson. *
The Perfect Cover Letter (2nd ed). Richard Beatty. *
The Resume Kit (4th ed). Richard Beatty. *
Your First Resume. R. Fry.*

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General Job Hunting

A Job Hunter's Guide. Frank Sligo.*
Getting a Job After University: How to Discover the Right Opportunities to Meet your Interests and Needs. Sally Longson.
How to find a job in six weeks, New Zealand edition. A. Ranieri. *
How to Get a Job You'll Love. J. Lees.*
How to get any Job with any Major. Donald Asher.
How to Market Yourself: a Practical Guide to Winning at Work. Ian Phillipson.
I Can Do That! M. Hornby.
Job Hunting for Dummies. Australian & New Zealand Edition. Jim Bright.
Job Hunting for Dummies. M. Messmer.*
Job Winning in New Zealand. M. McLachlan.* *
Rate Yourself! Assess your Skills, Personality and Abilities for the Job You Want. Marthe Sansregret & Dyane Adams.*
The New Quick Job-Hunting Map. R. N. Bolles.
The New Zealand Job Finder's Handbook. Victor Flagg.
Working New Zealand 2004-2005.

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Career Planning

Build Your Own Rainbow: A Workbook for Career and Life Management. Barrie Hopson & Mike Scally.*
Harvard College Guide to Consulting. M. Cosentino.
Harvard College Guide to Consulting Case Questions M. P. Cosentino.
The Art of Building Windmills: Career Tactics for the 21st Century. Dr Peter Hawkins.
The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People. Carole Eikleberry.*
The Penguin Careers Guide. Jan Widmer.*
The Times A - Z of Careers & Jobs. Irene Krechowicecka.*
Vault Reports Careers Guide to Management Consulting
Vault Reports Guide to the Case Interview. M. Asher and M. Lerner.
What Color is your Parachute? A practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers. R. N. Bolles.**
Your Career and You. Self assessment for Students and Graduates. Graduate Careers Australia. *

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Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities. Second Edition. Dr. Daniel J. Ryan.
Taking the First Step: a guidebook for jobseekers with experience of mental health issues. Like Minds Employment Advocacy Project (LEAP).

Work Transition/Returning to Work

Career Bounce Back! The Professionals In Transition Guide to Recovery & Reemployment. J. Damian Birkel & Stacey J. Miller.
Decisions [ALSA Careers Journal. 1995]
Fitting In: how to get a good start in your new job. N. Josefowitz and H. Gadon.
Getting into University & College. Mander Portman Woodward.
How To... Return to Work: Building New Skills, New Confidence and a New Career. Ann Dobson.
Jobs for the Over 50s. L. Greenbury.
Learning New Job Skills. L. Alexander.
New Secrets of a Corporate Headhunter. J. Wareham.
The Which? Guide to Changing Careers: Tackling the Challenge of Finding a New Career. Sue Bennett.*
Women Going Back to Work. Frankie McGowan.
Working Your Way Back to Work: a Guide for New Zealand women. Alison Kuiper & Judi Pattison.*
Your Mid-Career Shift: How to Change Your Job at 35+. Ian Maitland.

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Courses and Speciality Areas

Actuaries 98 - Ivanhoe Career Guides.
Breaking into Journalism: Your Guide to a Career in Journalism in Australia and New Zealand. Mark Pearson & Jane Johnston.**
Career Libraries for the 21st century: a practical guide. L. Summerson.
Chartered Patent Attorneys - Ivanhoe Career Guides.
Chartered Surveyors - Ivanhoe Career Guides.
Courses Galore / Pukahutanga o nga Kaupapa Whakaakoranga: New Zealand's Training Guide 2005. Career Services rapuara.*
Degree Course Offices: The Comprehensive Guide to Entry to Universities and Colleges. Brian Heap. *
Employment in the Cultural Sector : Nga Mahi ke te Taha Tikanga a-Iwi. Statistics NZ / Ministry of Cultural Affairs. *
Great Jobs for Communication Majors. Blythe Camenson.*
Great Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors. Blythe Camenson.*
He Tiro Arotahi ki te Putaiao, te Panarau me te Hangarau. Māori into Science, Maths and Technology.
People Management. Institute of Management.
Inventor's Guide to Success. James & Wells.
Law: The Guardian Careers Guide. F. Boyle.
Lives with Science: Profiles of Senior New Zealand Women in Science. P. Martin.*
Opportunities in Human Resource Management Careers. J. Steven McKenzie and William Traynor. *
Opportunities in Library and Information Science Careers. Kathleen De La Pena Cook & Margaret Myers.*
Opportunities in Psychology Careers. Charles & Donald Super.*
Science - Women and Our Future. Conference Proceedings 1996.
Study in New Zealand, Handbook of Courses and Costs, Edition 13, 2004.**
Tax Advisor's Profession. Ivanhoe Career Guides.
The Guide to NZ MBA Programmes. 3rd. Ed.
The NZ Public Relations Handbook. J. Peart and J. R. MacNamara.
Women with Maths Making a Difference. New Zealand Statistical Association.*

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Overseas Study and Work

Careers in Asia 2005. Hobsons.
Finding Work Overseas: How and Where to Contact International Recruitment Agencies, Consultants and Employers. Matthew Cunningham.
Graduate Opportunities in Australia and New Zealand 2007. AGCAS.
How to... Study Abroad: a Handbook of Opportunities for Everyone. Teresa Tinsley.*
New Zealand Abroad - the story of VSA's work in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA).
Postgraduate UK: The official British Council magazine for postgraduate opportunities in the UK. *
Target Asia: Banking & Financial Services 2006.
The Directory of Jobs and Careers Abroad. Jonathan Packer.*
Unigrad 2007. Unimail's Official Graduate Jobs Book. Unimail.
Working Holidays 1998. Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges.

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Salary Negotiation

Negotiate Your Job Offer. Mary Simon.*

Selection Tests

Ace the Corporate Personality Test. Edward Hoffman.*
How to Master Psychometric Tests. Mark Parkinson.*
How to Pass Graduate Recruitment Tests. M. Bryon.*
How to Pass Selection Tests. M. Bryon and S. Modha.*
How to Succeed in Psychometric Tests. David Cohen.**
How to Succeed with IQ Tests. K. Russell & P. Carter.
IQ Testing - 400 Ways to Evaluate your Brain Power. Philip Carter & Ken Russell.*
More IQ Testing: 250 Ways to Release Your IQ Potential. Philip Carter and Ken Russell. *
More Psychometric Testing: 1000 New Ways to Assess Your Personality, Creativity, Intelligence and Lateral Thinking. Philip Carter and Ken Russell.*
Preparing for Career Selection Tests: Numeracy and General Ability, 2nd Edition. Vera Joosten.*
Psychometric testing - 1000 Ways to Assess Your Personality, Creativity, Intelligence and Lateral Thinking. Philip Carter & Ken Russell.*
Test Your Own Aptitude. Jim Barrett & Geoff Williams.*

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Occupation Classification

Jobs Galore 2005: the Occupational Information Handbook for New Zealanders. Career Services rapuara.*
Job Guide 2007. Department of Education, Science and Training. Australian Government.
NZ Standard Classification of Occupations 1999. Statistics New Zealand.

Titles marked with * are held at the Commerce Library.
Titles marked with ** are held at the Central Library.