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What sort of work can you do with a degree in Psychology?

Fortunately psychology graduates are in a position of having a wide range of career options open to them, some very directly related to the subject, such as Clinical or Industrial Psychology, others which don't use the content of the course but rely heavily on the skills acquired in studying it, such as marketing, community work, public relations, advertising, human resources or teaching.

People with qualifications in psychology work in a variety of careers which range from positions as professional psychologists to careers in psychology-related areas and general employment.

Career opportunities are largely determined by level of academic training i.e. Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Arts (BA), Honours or higher degrees, area of specialisation within psychology, and employment experience.

Branches of Psychology

Psychologists work in a variety of environments, with psychologists specializing in different areas.

There are several branches of psychology, some of these are:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Criminal Justice Psychology
  • Social and Community Psychology

Psychology graduates can be:

  • Management Trainee
  • Community Support Worker
  • Research Officer
  • Assistant Passport Officer
  • Enrolment Coordinator
  • Library Assistant
  • Marketing Trainee
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Counsellor
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Personnel Consultant
  • Security Guard
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Administration Assistant
  • Case Manager
  • Corrections Officer
  • Enrolment Coordinator
  • Trust Officer

Further information about Psychology can be found in the Psychology Career View (200KB PDF).