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Why Study Marketing?

Marketing is part of everyday life. Every commercial and many non-commercial enterprises engage in some form of marketing, whether it is to competitively position and advertise products and services or to communicate a message about some environmental or public good aimed at changing people’s behaviour. On an international level every country markets its products and services on the global market. As marketing is everywhere, the graduates who major in this subject and those who combine marketing studies with other majors will find they have an excellent selling point when positioning themselves in the job market.

When done well and ethically, marketing assists in satisfying both the needs and wants of customers and the objectives of organisations in ways that contribute to society and its wellbeing

What skills do Marketing graduates develop?

  • Marketing skills
  • Research skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Computer and technology skills
  • Relationship management skills
  • Self-management

Where do Marketing graduates work?

As public and private sector operations require people with marketing skills there are plenty of opportunities for graduates. Marketing combines well with special areas of interest. A passion for an area is likely to be a driver for career success. Then there are companies dedicated to the many different specialisations within marketing; advertising, direct marketing, Internet marketing, public relations, sales/brand management, market research, international Human Resources management, business/policy analysis, export management, communications and more.

Further information about Market Research can be found in the Marketing Career View (880KB PDF).