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Why Study Geography?

Geography is about the most important relationship of the 21st century – the relationship between humans and the environment. Often referred to as the world discipline, Geography brings together the social and natural sciences. Geographers literally ‘write the earth’ through mapping, visualisation and applied research.

Why study Geography?

Geography is all around us, wherever we are. Wherever there are people and human systems, land, climates and weather, there is a need for experts who understand the complex interrelationships between them that make human survival possible. Being able to interpret landscapes, earth surface processes and human interactions with place are valuable skills to inform decisions about land use, planning, investment and community engagement. Knowing about Physical Geography is important because earth processes affect the distribution of resources and the conditions of human settlement. These processes have had considerable impact on human, animal and plant populations throughout the history of the planet, and continue to do so. Knowing about Human Geography is relevant because people form attachments to place, migrate and change places, and make decisions about the use of physical resources from places near and far in their daily lives. These processes have considerable impact on the natural environments, animal and plant populations of the world, as well as the living and working conditions for other human beings.

Where do Geography graduates work?

Career options are many and varied within the public and private sectors. GIScience skills are useful for a range of organisations, including central and local government, regional councils, research and non-profit organisations, and consultancies. Graduates with GIScience skills are particularly sought by industry. Details of employers also relevant to Geography graduates can be found in the Career View issue for Geology and Geophysics, Anthropology, Sociology and Political Science and International Relations.