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Why Study Classics

Because echoes from ancient civilisations of Greece, Rome, and other Mediterranean cultures remain deeply embedded in our modern consciousness and every day, one way or another, we live in the think of their cultural legacy which underpins our government and legal systems. It informs the way we think and organise our knowledge about ourselves and the world. It reaches into the artistic and technological achievements we take such delight in. The classical past is not dead, it breathes and walks with us all the time. To understand this is to have an advantage in the modern world.

What Skills Do Classics Graduates Have?

Classics graduates know how to think. In an ever-shifting job market, the ability to think in abstract terms is not only one of the most desirable transferable skills, it is also one of the most reliable predictors of success on the job. A trained mind can be applied to any situation.

Where Do Classics Graduates Work?

According to recent graduate destination surveys, Classics graduates were employed in a variety of jobs which included, but were not limited to, event co-ordinator, conference organiser, bank officer, international banking consultant, research assistant, library assistant, records manager, book buyer, community support worker, employment officer, student liaison officer and university tutor.

Other sectors for employment include:

  • Government and Legal
  • Education
  • Research
  • Management and Business Organisations
  • Arts, Culture and Design
  • Media

Further information about Classics can be found in the Classics Career View (265KB PDF)

See also the Careers section on the Classics department website.