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Architecture and Building Science

What is Architecture and Building Science?

The art and science of designing the built environment is a rigorous and multi-disciplinary profession. Architecture brings together the arts and humanities, sciences, technology and environmental awareness. It influences every way in which human environments are planned, designed, built, used and maintained. Through their work architects have the power to affect the ways people operate, how they feel and how safe they are inside and outside their buildings. Architecture also has an effect on the environment, on the light, wind, views, noise level and the ecology of a place.

Building Science brings together centuries of knowledge and a growing body of research within an industry that is increasingly complex and technical. Thanks to building science homes, workplaces, commercial and public buildings can be made warmer, drier and healthier with reduced impact on the environment.

What skills do Architecture and Building Science graduates develop?

During their degree work students develop a highly marketable set of skills. These include:

  • Technical and professional knowledge
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

Where do Architecture and Building Science graduates work?

Architecture and construction are global industries across private and public sectors. While local government bodies employ architecture and building science professionals to permanent positions they also contract private companies for specific projects. Work opportunities do ebb and flow with the economic climate, however graduates are equipped with skills and attitudes that are sought by many employers. Being proactive by approaching firms while still an undergraduate or even while at secondary school demonstrates motivation. Volunteer work can also prove useful.

  • National, regional and local government
  • The Department of Building and Housing (DBH)
  • Housing New Zealand Corporation
  • Regional councils and territorial authorities employ
  • Self employment
  • Teaching
  • Journalism, writing and editing for journals, magazines and newspapers

Further information can be found in the Architecture and Building Science Career View (812KB PDF) and the Faculty of Architecture and Design website