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Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

The Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Managment (PGDipHRM) is a specialist post-experience qualification. It develops current and prospective professionals within Human Resource Management (HRM) and Industrial Relations (IR). It aims for HR practitioners to be good strategic operators rather than process managers.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management is a comprehensive programme that will enhance your skills and knowledge of all facets of human resource management. As well as introducing you to the foundation disciplines of organisational behaviour and employment law, the programme examines the strategic aims of human resource management, and the processes and issues involved in implementing an organisation's human resource policy.

Who is this programme for?

The PGDipHRM is suitable for those currently employed or seeking to enter employment within HR departments, trade unions and management consultancies. Previous participants have come from a diverse range of private, public sector and voluntary organizations.

What will I get from this programme?

  • A specialist post-experience qualification in human resource management from one of New Zealand’s leading management schools.
  • Research-led education from leading academics.
  • A solid foundation and in-depth knowledge of the strategic and operational aspects of managing employment relationships.
  • An understanding of the theory and practical application behind HRM and IR.
  • Interaction with other participants on the practical employment dilemmas and challenges facing organizations.

Stair-casing to further studies

We have a stair-casing approach to building your qualifications and managerial confidence. If you obtain a B average or higher during your PG Diploma, you can apply to stair-case to the MBA.  You will need to meet with the Director of the programme and pass the MBA admission test for entry.  The courses from your PG Diploma will be credited to the MBA programme, which means you are already halfway through completing your MBA.  Please note that you will be required to abandon the PG Diploma as a condition of being awarded the MBA.

Further information 

For more information about the Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management:

Contact person: Senior Administrator, Professional Programmes