School of Management


Message from the Director

At the Victoria School of Management, we have an enthusiastic research-led teaching team and a comprehensive suite of Post-Experience programmes that will provide the frameworks to support better management decisions.
Our programmes recognise that you already have a considerable managerial or administrative knowledge based on your past work experience.  That’s why we call them ‘post-experience’ programmes.  Our programs are designed to “make you think” and encourage "out -of-the-box" thinking by blending our knowledge and your experience.

When you enter our programmes, you will be joining a team of like-minded, lifelong learners who are committed to advancing their careers.  Learning from and with each other is an important part of the Victoria experience.  Face-to-face classroom-based learning, discussion and group assignments are as important as individual effort in our programmes.

We have a stair-casing approach to building your qualifications and managerial confidence.  Our Certificate of Management Studies is an excellent way to “dip your toes” into advanced management education. It will develop your ability to critically analyse management issues and develop your academic writing skills.   From there you can ‘stair-case’ into one of our post experience diplomas which extend your knowledge and allow you to specialise in one of our verticals-Marketing, Human Resources or general Business Administration.  Depending on your performance (a B+ average or higher) you may then choose to advance into our MBA program-the ultimate in global educational programs. The MBA will set you up for any career you may choose to pursue.

We warmly invite you to apply online for one of our advanced management programs. We would be delighted to help develop your career. 

If you wish to know more, please contact us, either by email: or telephone 64 4 463 5367.