PhD programme

The PhD is the highest degree offered by the Victoria Business School. It is completed by thesis only and is restricted to areas where appropriate supervision is available.

Many of the rewards of a PhD are intrinsic. They are a consequence of your commitment to undertake original and challenging research in your chosen field of study. During the course of your research you have the opportunity to build upon your previous education, experience and training to produce a thesis that will make a significant contribution to your discipline. PhD theses are evaluated by international standards and the award of the degree is a mark of academic distinction.

The PhD consists of an individual course of supervised research that involves a substantial commitment from the candidate, supervisor(s), and the University which extends over some years. At a minimum, it requires two years of full-time registration.

The School of Management (SoM) has an active PhD programme, with students currently completing doctoral theses. Areas of research excellence in the SoM include:

  • critical perspectives on management and leadership
  • work and employment relations
  • strategy and innovation
  • systems
  • tourism management.

The specific research interests of SoM staff can be found on individual profile pages.

Read about our current PhD students and their theses topics and our PhD completions.

Application information


PhD students should have a postgraduate degree, in management or a related subject, with excellent grades and a substantial research component.

SoM does not accept students straight from an MBA, as this is not a degree designed to track to academic higher degrees. Depending on the details of your background, we may require you to complete a postgraduate academic degree first, or to complete some relevant academic papers to a specified grade before PhD enrolment.

We may accept PhD students with postgraduate degrees in disciplines other than management. Requirements will depend on individual factors such as the PhD topic, and the academic and professional background of the candidate. Depending on the details of your background, the SoM may require you to complete academic papers to a specified grade before and/or in the first year of PhD enrolment.

General information on PhD applications and scholarships

The Faculty of Graduate Research (FGR) can provide general information about the PhD process, including issues of eligibility for overseas students, English language requirements, and PhD Scholarships. Any detailed transcripts and other personal information should go to them.

FGR handle all PhD applications and there are three application deadlines on 1 March, 1 July and 1 November each year. Applications are to be submitted to FGR on or before the deadline. We encourage applicants to submit before the deadline so we can follow up with any potential queries from the SoM.

School of Management contact

Specific inquiries about pursuing a PhD in the School of Management can be directed to –