School of Management

The Master of Management Studies will not be offered in 2014.
It is currently undergoing a review and might be launched in a different form at a future date.

Why choose the Master of Management Studies?

Management permeates every sphere of organisational life, whether in the corporate world, public sector organisations or non-governmental and not-for profit agencies. This degree provides advanced level management studies for good science, technology, arts, humanities or other graduates who wish to pursue a career in such organisations.

The Master of Management Studies (MMS) is a highly regarded postgraduate management qualification for good recent graduates in any discipline. In the past, science graduates in biology, chemistry, computer science, technology, engineering, building science, geography, etc. have chosen the MMS as a way to gain managerial skills and knowledge that complements their scientific/technical training.

For students with a mathematical, quantitative or analytical background, a range of elective courses allow them to gain a greater understanding of managerial decision analysis skills, particularly qualitative methods, to complement and strengthen their prior training.

Similarly, for Arts and Humanities graduates, the MMS provides a programme that can help them draw on their undergraduate background in combination with faculty members studying creative management, leadership, innovation and change.

The School of Management also offers postgraduate courses in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations that may complement the MMS core or optional coursework.

Graduates of other degrees may also find the study of management at the postgraduate level an advantageous option for their career.

Programme Structure

The MMS programme consists of courses and research. It has a core of five courses that provide a foundation for students to build from when choosing elective courses. The foundation courses cover a variety of management research areas including organisation dynamics, strategic management, systems thinking, and managerial decision making.

A research methods course and a research paper complete the core. These courses prepare MMS students for undertaking some academic research which is a required element of the programme.

The remainder of the programme of courses and research projects can be tailored to your individual interests, with Part 1 requiring 3 additional courses selected from a wide range of existing management postgraduate courses or other Master's courses. The MMS is designed for flexibility so that students have the potential to theme their programme to match individual interests.

What do I need to enrol in the MMS in Management?

Qualification for admission to the MMS degree requires an undergraduate degree (not necessarily from Victoria) with at least a B+ grade average:

  •  the MMS programme accepts students from a wide variety of undergraduate subject areas
  • entry into the MMS is based on your academic record, with particular emphasis on your performance in higher level coursework.
  • some commerce courses, such as economics or an introduction to management, would be useful but are not prerequisites.

An article review may also need to be successfully completed before a student is unconditionally accepted to the programme. If you do not seem to fit the criteria exactly but are interested in the programme and have relevant work experience, you are still encouraged to discuss the degree further with the Programme Director.

How to find out more?

You should contact the MMS co-ordinator: Dr Todd Bridgman