School of Management


Here are the answers to some typical questions asked by prospective applicants. If you have another question, contact us and we'll happily answer.

Q. When can I apply for MBA?
A. Applications are received from 1 October 2014 to 9 January 2015. Under special circumstances this may be extended.

Q. What qualifications do I need?
A. There are two ways to enter the MBA Programme: one is to hold any undergraduate degree from a recognised university, plus a minimum of five year's professional working history; should you not have an undergraduate degree, you can 'staircase' into the MBA via the Certificate in Management Studies or one of our postgraduate diplomas.

Q. Do I have to take the Maths Refresher Course if I am already good at Maths?
A. Yes, however there is a quick test you may take. Upon achieving 90% you will gain exemption from the Mathematics Refresher Course. Should you not achieve 90% you will need to complete the Refresher Course. There is a small charge for both. Visit the Mathematics Refresher Course website for more information.

Q. Do you have a mid-year intake?
A. No, we only have the one intake per year in February.

Q. I'm a Domestic Student -- how do I apply?
A. Send an email to our Programme Administrator, and attach a copy of your CV.

Q.  I'm an International Student -- how do I apply?
A. You must contact Victoria International Students Office for all the details. 

Q. As an international applicant, what is the GMAT score required for application?
A. You must achieve a minimum score of 550.

Q. Can I study part-time or full-time?
A. Yes, we offer part and full-time study options.

Q. What are the fees?
A. The 2014 fees are $2272.50 per course (Domestic students). You can go to the VUW Fees page for updated information and a fees calculator.

Q. Can I get a Student Loan?
A. Yes, as long as you are studying at least 60 points (four courses) in the calendar year, you are eligible for an interest-free loan for tuition fees. For more information and to apply for a loan, contact StudyLink (domestic students only).

Q. What is the total number of courses you have to take?
A. You have to pass 14 core courses and 2 elective courses to complete your Victoria MBA.

Q. Do you offer specialisations in your MBA programme?
A. No we do not, the Victoria MBA programme is a generalist degree.

Q. How long does it take to complete a MBA?
A. Part-time study is 32 months over eight trimesters; full-time study is 18 months over four and a half trimesters.

Q. Do I have to complete my MBA degree within a set time?
A. Yes, you have four years to complete.

Q. Do you offer distance learning?
A. No, we do not.

Q. How much study time per week, am I expected to do?
A. We recommend that you spend 10 hours per week per course.

Q. Can I study part-time and continue to work full time and not take time off work?
A. Yes, all our courses are taught in the evenings or weekends at our Pipitea Campus located in downtown Wellington.

Q. Does your MBA degree have accreditation and if so by who?
A. Yes, we have AMBA and AACSB accreditation.

Q. Can I cross-credit or exempt courses to my Master study?
A. You will have to discuss this with the MBA Programme Director on application.

Q. Who can I contact for more information?
A. Please contact the Post-Experience Programmes Administrator.